Team Nicoletti Gives Back To Maui

Our place in this community is about more than just real estate.


At Team Nicoletti, we feel a responsibility to give back to the Maui community with every home we sell.

Community involvement and giving back are very important to us. We love Maui, and this beautiful island and its community has welcomed us with warmth and aloha in a way only Maui can. We feel it’s our responsibility to give back to our community, as a big mahalo and a show of aloha, and that’s why we’re pledging to donate a portion of each commission we earn to a local nonprofit organization of your choice when you work with us.

We have a few favorites we can offer as suggestions; you can choose from one of those or choose one that’s especially important to you, and we will make a donation to your selected organization in your name upon closing.

Have a nonprofit you'd recommend?

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